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Behind the Artist

Hazel Thomson is a multi-award-winning artist, with her works being portrayed all across the globe.


Her process of painting is almost sculptural, as she purposely adds thick layers of paint and marks with a pallet knife. She then takes away or adds more paint over these marks when dry, as the scene starts to take shape. 


In her work, Hazel sends out a message of not only the beauty of trees but also how important they are to the future of the climate. 

Hazel describes her work as a mixture of realism, contemporary and impressionistic.
Her aim is to capture the atmosphere of all 4 seasons, and times of the day in each landscape.  Providing the viewer with a sense of calm and solitude, as though they are physically in the scene.

Accolades and Recognition

Peoples Choice Awards

  • Luxembourg Art Prize 'Certificate of Artistic Merit' Award, Highly Commended

  • Liverpool Art Fair

  • Virgin Art Exhibition

  • Stockport Open Art

  • Williamson Art Gallery

  • Grosvenor Museum

Publications and Cetificates

  • Trees Through Time and Seasons (UK Gallery), November 2022 to January 2023

  • Huffington Post 2017, American Art Awards 

  • Circle Foundation for the Arts (France), Certificate of Excellence

  • Vogue Magazine Publication 2016, February through to April 

  • CASSART Prize

  • House of Coco, Creative Spotlight

  • LightSpaceTime, Artist Showcase

Showcase & Exhibitons

  • Partly St Werburgh Street, Chester

  • Royal Cambrian Academy of Arts 

  • Trees @ Liverpool, Hotel by Melia 

  • Stock Port War Memorial

  • The Other Art Fair, London Kings Cross

  • American Art Awards "World’s Best Artists of Landscape Impressionism”

  • American Art Awards " World’s Best Artists of Realism Landscape”


Original paintings sold all over the world


Akoun International Certification 2022


Peoples choice awards


Years of emersive art creation

The Numbers

Michael, USA

"A stunningly beautiful work, delivered promptly and in perfect condition."
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