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Are you an artist, collector, or art lover?

Hopefully, these frequently asked questions will give you the information that you need to better enjoy your online art shopping experience.

If you don’t manage to find exactly what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

Magical Forests (Original)

Q: Can you provide more images of a specific piece?
A: We believe we have taken the highest quality pictures of each piece of art available to view on this website.
If you have a specific request for an angle that is not represented, please get in touch with us.  


Q: Will you provide a frame?
A: Hazel's work will not be framed.
This is to allow the buyer to decide upon what frame they would like to source by their individual needs. The depth and detail of Hazel's work also allow a buyer to hang the artwork without the use of a frame, as her painting style covers the entire canvas, including the edges. 


Q: Can the painting be delivered to my location?
A: Yes!
Hazel's work has been shipped to many major regions across the world. The time of delivery will be subject to the importing requirements set by each jurisdiction and our relationship together as buyer and client. 


Q: Are you open to commission requests?
A: Yes, we are open to commission requests, which can be discussed and agreed upon the right setting. Contact us for more information.

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