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"Masterful Creations"

Hazel Thomson is a multi-award-winning international artist.

Based in the UK, her work is described as a mixture of realism, contemporary and impressionistic.

She has won People's Choice Awards 11 times, including;

  • Two times in the Top 5 artists in American Art Awards

  • World’s Best Artists of Landscape Impressionism

  • World’s Best Artists of Realism Landscape

  • Circle Foundation for the Arts awarded her with a Certificate of Excellence.

Her paintings are showcased in exhibitions and private collections all over the world.


"Hopefully my paintings portray the pure joy I feel towards my life's work"

Hazel Thomson

Art for anyone, anywhere...

We are excited to showcase Hazel's extensive collection of artwork available in a variety of formats.


Her collection includes original art pieces, high-quality prints, and digital media options.

Your Choice

Art for anyone, anywhere is symbolic of Hazel's craft.

Her works have touched the lives of hundreds of buyers from all over the world. 


Find a piece of serenity in a medium to suit you.

High Quality Prints




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